Novarossi Super Strong 9901 polished pipe & 41029 manifold set


    This is the Novarossi 9901 ‘Super Strong’ polished racing pipe. This is the one piece variety and requires an off-road manifold, which attaches to the tuned pipe using three small springs (not included). The 9901SS pipe produces strong linear bottom end power delivery, and yields great run times.

    In a off road racing environment, many drivers prefer to use the Novarossi EFRA 9901 tuned pipe due to its impressive mileage and the power it produces. But with the brutal nature of 1/8 off road racing it can be difficult keep any tuned pipe free of damage. A damaged tuned pipe will hurt engine performance and can be costly to repair or replace. So now, Novarossi offers a “Super Strong” EFRA 9901 tuned pipe, which has been built with thicker material to take the abuse of serious off road racing

    *Includes a compact 41029 manifold, designed to fit into the Mugen MBX-6 buggy without hitting any other parts

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